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Forex Trading involves substantial risk of loss, and may not be
suitable for everyone.

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CFTC : The Commodity Futures
Trading Commision

See the Forex Terms page for
a complete list of Forex terms.

           The goal of Forex trading is to profit from currency movements. Profits or losses can come quickly as most Forex trades
are settled in one to two days.
         In the past Forex trading was only available to banks and
large corporations, but now thanks to the online trading platforms
everyone can participate in this highly profitable market.
         Before you jump in and start trading, learn all you can about
trading in the Forex market. Study the Forex terms and read a book
or two about Forex trading. When you start trading create a plan
and stick to it. 
          Remember to be disciplined, decide on your Stop Loss and
Take Profit levels and stick to them. Understand Forex Signals and
Forex Charts so you can make a profit with every trade. - Buy Gold & Silver
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What is Forex ?
Foreign Exchange Trading is the simultaneous
buying of one currency and selling another currency.
Volatile markets offer large profit opportunities.
The Foreign Exchange market is the largest
financial market in the world.
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Forex Terms

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